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A letter to the moonlit cross I bear
I'm on my way to you tonight. If the moonlight chases me, then the stars guide me. I am the sound of rainfall hitting panes of glass, somber and repetitive. You are the glowing light of the sunset that threads its fingers through children's hair, soft and beautiful, yet powerful and demanding the attention of all those that posses dark hearts nearby. Casually, I fall for you, and I am a creature who has no other way of avoiding such chaotically intoxicating things. I am not in the business of denying myself such things that could destroy me. I am tamed by the unending, breath-taking beauty of nature itself.
Tonight, I will be seeing you again. The train ride to the strange world of dreams in which we grew up will be an uneventful one. Wolves are howling under my skin, making it itch. I wear gloves to get through the snow, but once I am seated I pull them off, setting free the scars that make their home on my unread palms. You are the future breath of a hesitant winter, unsure if it is
:iconfallen-from-sin:Fallen-From-Sin 0 0
Make my heart stay in place
I wonder if you could find me in the spaces between our words
I wonder if you could sense me thinking of you, a feeling you get
I wonder it it makes you smile
In that one word
I found you, all over again
I found the places where your touch had lingered
and where your whispers and phrases and gasps
had burned into me, leaving scars
I started to think I wouldn't mind
If you never stopped creating
If our memories just continued
to blossom
I can't
I can't go forward and I can't go back
I can only be here,
an afterimage of your love
suspended in time,
remaining in the place
you used to hold me close
and call me
by a name I no longer
:iconfallen-from-sin:Fallen-From-Sin 0 2
The light is faded today
(so much remorse in one word)
I watched it arc across us
(do you remember Sunday?)
I closed the curtains now
(every time you speak)
they block out the day
(my bones feel so weak)
And I feel that something is happening
I wonder, wonder what you did now
my love
You're not here today
(the words are foggy now)
sometimes I wish for you
(I just need you to leave)
You're haunting me
(memories and words and rhymes)
yet you haven't left yet
(and I will never know)
can you explain this to me,
(what your last words)
(were to me)
With every breath
(it's so empty now)
I lose another way
(this light, you know)
To escape your
(I just can't right now)
empty promises
(I don't miss you, love)
Don't go just yet.
:iconfallen-from-sin:Fallen-From-Sin 1 2
I'm not where you are
Pull up the drapes
they hit against the chimes
three little bells ringing, every time
would the sun still rise
without their chorus?
The wind blows through me
carrying me off to another memory
another feeling I had buried
deep inside myself
I realized my time
was running out
so I appreciated the sun
on my pale skin
but then I could no longer feel
its warmth
My feet tugged my body along
across distant mindscapes
and just when I thanked the earth
for holding me steady
I forgot how to walk
I watched my hands
deftly untie the knots
of my twisted self
and just as I promised them
good care all the way home
I lost them,
crumbling apart
falling away like sand
I was left without a body
but my emotions stayed intact
and I felt everything
a fantom limb of a life
once lived
:iconfallen-from-sin:Fallen-From-Sin 0 4
I'm still here.
Sometimes I feel like I'm slipping away
then I
          B  r  e  a  t  h  e
and remember that I'm still here.
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Raising by Fallen-From-Sin Raising :iconfallen-from-sin:Fallen-From-Sin 3 2
The light of the morning
reflected off your face
sun warming my insides
and I don't think I can let go
If I could give up everything
just to know what you think of me
I would have to buy a ticket
to escape
the possibility of a choice
I'm walking on the ocean
the waves rolling beneath my feet
unsettling; unbalanced; unnerving
and completely empty below~
And I'm holding my breath
afraid to let it out
knowing that once it's gone
I can never go back, never
Sun setting
Crown of Light slipping
off your head
I'm growing cold with the night...
Remember when I could hold on?
:iconfallen-from-sin:Fallen-From-Sin 1 2
Requiem for the Loved
We kissed on a Thursday afternoon
And for the first time, I felt something.
I had been feeling nothing for such a long time.
Your hair, in the wind
looked like fire
tangled in my skin
Your touch, in the sun
burned hotter
than the flames on your tongue
And you still ask
Did you ever feel anything?
And now, I say no,
because my sight has turned grey.
That moment was everything I needed it to be.
How did you feel, holding me?
Was it everything you wanted?
Was I everything you needed?
I used to feel the danger
lurking underneath
the shadows of the streets.
But now I walk
without a hint of fear
because I have nothing left to lose~
Did I ever tell you how close I came?
Death wanted me so bad,
more than you ever could.
How I feel, how I see
means nothing
when it comes to you and me.
Wish I could forget
the sweet things your lips
whispered to me
In the darkness our hearts created.
No thing
No person
Will make me forget.
:iconfallen-from-sin:Fallen-From-Sin 2 2
Stay by Fallen-From-Sin Stay :iconfallen-from-sin:Fallen-From-Sin 0 4
1:12 AM
It's 1:12 AM and, yes, I'm writing about you again.
I keep thinking about that day in January. Do you remember? Of course you do, you were always better at the memory game than me but made me tell more memories than you, because I know you like to hear my voice, especially when I go over my favorite parts, and I love that you care.
It was still snowing, even in January. You knew how much I love snow even though I can't be in it without complete protection, but we were at the mall and I was happy and frankly didn't give a shit. So I ran outside, you following on my heels as I picked up the snow in my bare hands, and god did it hurt. It felt like someone had dropped a ball of needles in my hands.
Then we got into a snow fight, even though I sucked at making snowballs because the only snow fights I had ever been in was in elementary school, and the kids only wanted me to make forts and walls since I was the best, but my gloves were always too thick to make perfect balls. So the snow, unfa
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A Knight in Chuck Taylors
It was beautiful out.
During my years at school, I didn't really pay that much attention to the weather as I went from class to class. But now that I was saying goodbye, I took in every detail.
Dad asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this. I had to.
He told me to be strong. "Hold your head up high."
And when I stepped out of the car, textbooks in hand, that's exactly what I did. I went to the office with a confidence I didn't feel but could easily pretend. My dad followed me, but stayed by the front desk while I headed to the library.
As I returned my English textbook, the librarian told me it was good that I had given it back on time, otherwise I would have had to pay seventy-five dollars for a lost book. She said this with an attitude, and I refused to let it dent my armor.
Smiling, she said, "Now you can pick up your cap and gown."
Okay, I felt that. It dented precariously close to my stomach, so that my heart threatened to jump to my throat. I thanked her and left as quickly as p
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Good Morning, Sun by Fallen-From-Sin Good Morning, Sun :iconfallen-from-sin:Fallen-From-Sin 3 2 Snow White by Fallen-From-Sin Snow White :iconfallen-from-sin:Fallen-From-Sin 0 2 Crossed Paths by Fallen-From-Sin Crossed Paths :iconfallen-from-sin:Fallen-From-Sin 0 4
I feel like a ghost.
There is heaven in this limitless boundary. You are unseen, unheard, unspoken. Therefore you cannot be judged, or bullied, or frowned upon - and in turn you cannot disappoint, or annoy, or anger, or ruin anything. You are endless, like the river of life that flows beneath our feet, connecting all. No one can ever notice you, and it is there you find freedom.
But oh, it is lonely. You are insignificant, neither cared for nor loved. You can scream and yell and throw things in people's faces, and it is all in vain. You look up hopefully into the faces of teachers and peers and adults, wanting them to see your inner downfall, but they see nothing, and in this you realize what it truly means to be invisible. Not even the ravens, who everyone despises but watches from afar, acknowledge your presence. Yet every day you leave them some food a careless person left behind, and by seeing them eagerly take it up you hope this is a sign that you exist.
This is what it is like t
:iconfallen-from-sin:Fallen-From-Sin 2 2
If I could name you, I would.
When I walked into Circle K this morning, I saw a dark-skinned man holding what looked like an AK-47 on a newspaper, front page. I tried reading the headline but couldn't make sense of the words. I felt so disconnected - here I am, buying coffee and chips at a gas station, and there is a war going on half a world away. This drags me down, makes me think of Economics class, which should be a required course for pessimists.
I need a vacation.
I think of green hills in Washington, pulling closer as the plane lands. Of the hot summer air being relinquished as I sat under the shade of the tree at the beach, watching boats slink to the Seattle harbor. I think of my aunt's three story apartment and her daughter with her long dark hair and how we're so alike even thought we never talk anymore. I remember how I promised to name my daughter after her. I think of the house my aunt had when she was still married, how it looked so happy on the outside but was so dark and creepy on the inside.
I try
:iconfallen-from-sin:Fallen-From-Sin 1 0
I write and take pictures because my heart needs to. It amazes me how much beauty in the world, so many feelings, simply go unnoticed.


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(This is my first one, so I hope I do it well...:) ) This is a powerful picture. The hand seems almost longing, as if seeing something i...


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